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In Raphael's Own Words

My name is Raphael "Ralph" Tirrell Harlan and I'm an Detroit native -- born and raised--- a lover of people, healthy food, healthy cooking and baking as I've always been a healthnut, a full-fledged vegan, and an educated and experienced business owner who loves changing people's lives and changing an food industry with a food item that a health minded person deserves to enjoy and love, not avoid.


For those who don't know much about me when it comes to food, I love --- and the word like is for the boring as Raphael's Donuts doesn't rely on boring but excitement 100%--- the food industry, especially the specialty food industry. I've always admired those who devoted most of their lives to baking and cooking and building a company that healthy people can rely on to make sure they not only enjoy the food but to benefit from them in their dietary lifestyles. That, along with the fact that my deceased adoptive mom was a long time donut fan and type 2 diabetic, was one of the few reasons I took the imagination of there being a low glycemic donut on November 2013 when I was running my first e-commerce company which was a six-month old e-book editing company --- which I shut down a month later because my heart wasn't into it --- and made it into a reality --- a revolutionary reality for a company called Raphael's Donuts in May 2014!


My mission as its owner, matador-masterbaker and pioneer is to provide you with great-tasting, awesome donuts that satisfy your taste buds and dietary lifestyles, but your mindset, heart, personality and imaginations. Every healthy person wants a healthy donut and remain excited to eat over and over again!! Every person wants to relive their childhood when they want to taste the divine treat and enjoy them. No one wants to live without a great tasting donut. That's why me and my growing team of electrifying employees at Raphael's Donuts are here to make sure your lives are not only changed because of us, but because also you do love living a healthy lifestyle eating donuts that fit your lifestyles!!! See why people consider us not only the greatest healthy donut company alive, but the future of the donut industry!!! So as we live by the slogan, "BE Well, Eat Well, Live Well, Stay Well!!" And get wild and exciting eating Raphael's Donuts!!!! 

About Our CEO/Founder/Masterbaker: About Us
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