Vegan and low-glycemic baked goods, with ALL of the HEALTHY FLAVOR!

Welcome to Raphael's Donuts, World's first-ever 100% VEGAN, LOW GLYCEMIC & (NOW AS OF JUNE 14 2021) ENTIRELY GLUTEN-FREE donut company! At our e-commerce site here and on our facebook site, you'll find the most outgoing, health-conscious doughnuts that are made from scratch with the most natural low-glycemic ingredients of highest quality-- including chickpea flour (for our gluten-free donuts), hemp, chia & flax seeds, and our favorite natural sugar substitutes, organic agave nectar and stevia -- oven-baked to perfection and topped with the most delicious glazes you can really taste. And without any animal ingredients!! Yum!!! The doughnuts invented by the healthy passion of founder and masterbaker and Detroit native Raphael Harlan will leave you a moment that you won't forget that you want to build more of. Try Raphael's Donuts and you won't feel guilty that it's not just part of your diet, but part of you, your taste buds, and your loved ones' lives as well! We live by our slogan to make sure you love us more for your health and pleasure: BE WELL, EAT WELL, LIVE WELL, STAY WELL!!!! 

NOTE: AS OF NOVEMBER 21ST 2021, We are shrinking our home delivery radius for individual orders from 70 miles to 35 miles from our Pontiac, MI rental baking kitchen due to our growth in number of retailers our donuts are sold in. If you live outside our new car-delivery radius of 35 miles, your online order will be shipped out to you. If you live within our new 35 mile car-delivery radius, you will still have the options of either having your orders delivered by one of our delivery drivers, shipped out via UPS or USPS or picking up your orders. We hope our new adjustment can suit you well! Delivery and Shipping fees aren't affected, nor are the wholesale delivery radius and wholesale delivery/shipping fees. Wholesale delivery radius for retailers up to 70 miles from Pontiac remains the same, while shipping is still available for retailers across USA. 



Raphael's Donuts is a vegan and low-glycemic donut company in Michigan operating since 2014.



Within 35 miles of Pontiac, MI

8am - 9pm
Every day except Christmas Day!

We also ship nationwide! We use USPS Priority Mail! We ship Mondays thru Thursdays! 
Please note: Great news!!! We're back using USPS Priority Mail as their shipping speeds are closer to being back to normal!! We'll be using both USPS again and still UPS for your shipped orders!