Whole Wheat Vegan Paczki Ballz

Whole Wheat Vegan Paczki Ballz

HEY DONUT FANS!! If you're a big fan or an up-and-coming fan of PACZKIS and whether you're new to us or you've been waiting for us to FINALLY OFFER THEM, the wait is over!!!! MEET OUR VEGAN PACZKI BALLZ!!!! 

We have two flavors: Chocolate Paprika with our chocolate Paprika filling and Chocolate Paprika glaze and Peach Mango Explosion with agave-infused mango jam and stevia-based Peach Mango Explosion glaze! Both in whole wheat version in 16-count pack. Both of them give you their full-fledged burst of flavors, when you bite into their filling when you eat them, and oh, man, they retain their moist flavor!!!

Our vegan paczki ballz are our newest donut product but they're our first ever annual limited-time product, available now as of February 13th thru May 12th! They're great for Fat Tuesday, during February, during March & April during the Lent Season & Easter Sunday and part of May especially for Mother's Day! Order our paczki ballz and try them! 

    Paczki Ballz Flavor
    2nd Paczki Ballz Flavor

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