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Wanna carry our gluten-free vegan Raphael's Donuts donuts and/or donut ballz in your brick-and-mortar or online food storefront or chain of brick-and-mortar stores?

Found out about us on Facebook or Instagram? Found out about us on Google? Found out about us from a fellow customer or fan of Raphael's Donuts and wanna carry our donut products? Very very very awesome! We're so honored, blessed and joyful to meet you! We're a revolutionary gluten-free & vegan donut brand and company based in Pontiac, MI and we've been in operation since May 2014 when we launched in Flint. We make and sell oven-baked (never fried) gluten-free vegan donuts and donut ballz in 12 year-round flavors that are naturally free of refined sugars, soy, yeast, tree nuts, GMOs, peanuts and coconuts; all but one of our flavors are also low glycemic in the glycemic load with three of our flavors having the lowest net-carb counts. We've been doing e-commerce since Fall 2015 -- offering home delivery since 2015 and nationwide shipping since 2018. Obviously, as of mid-July 2021, we've been doing our third wholesale production stint. You can find out more about us as a company by clicking hereYou can also find out more about our revolutionary and creative owner, CEO & Masterbaker Raphael T Harlan by clicking here as well. We've been featured in multiple media publications throughout our existence. You can find out which publications we've been featured in by clicking here.


If you're a restaurant of any kind (excluding animal meat shops such as butcher shops, meat shops, etc), natural food store, specialty food store, bubble tea shop, coffee shop, smoothie shop or a grocery store (whether you have a single location or multiple locations) or even an e-commerce food company (other than Ebay and Amazon) and you wish to sell our wonderful, revolutionary, unique and healthful gluten-free vegan donuts and/or donut ballz, feel free to order our donuts on our online store (look for wholesale packs of our two donut products) by clicking on the "Order for wholesale" button below. Also if you need anything from us such as a donut ballz sampler pack, wholesale pricing list, etc, feel free to fill out the contact form below. 


For our vegan gluten free Raphael's Donuts donuts and donut ballz, our shelf life is 5 days room temp, 10 day refrigerated and 3 months frozen, depending how you store them in your establishment. 



For wholesale orders, we require that at least three dozen Raphael's Donuts (up to three flavors each) must be ordered  if you're ordering just our donuts. If you're ordering our donut ballz, a minimum of 5 16-count packs of donut ballz must be ordered.  

WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS (for restaurants, natural food stores, specialty stores, coffee shops, bubble tea shops, smoothie shops, and grocery stores with multiple locations)

If your food, drink or grocery establishment has more than one location, good news for you because we'll offer you 10% off your total wholesale orders of RD, unlimited, plus free delivery or free shipping. Just contact us before you order and we'll email you or text you your promo codes for 10% off and free delivery or shipping. 

NOTE: We only offer wholesale discounts and free delivery/shipping to food, drink or grocery establishments that have multiple locations. We don't offer wholesale discounts or free delivery/shipping for e-commerce food website companies or brick-and-mortar establishments that only have a single location. 



We offer free pick-up from our baking operations to food, grocery, and drink establishments that are located within a 70 mile radius from Pontiac. Turnaround time for pick-up wholesale orders is 2-10 days after you order. We'll text you when your order is ready for pick-up. 

DELIVERY (for establishments with one location --- doesn't matter if you're an e-commerce food company or a brick and mortar operation)

Our delivery rates are flat-rate style. So it's $5 for retailers located within a 70 mile car-delivery radius from Pontiac. We have a team of delivery drivers that deliver in their own vehicles. Turnaround time is 2-10 days for wholesale delivery orders after you order. We'll text you when you order is ready and is on its way. 

NATIONWIDE SHIPPING (for establishments with a single location)

Prefer to have your wholesale orders shipped? Doesn't matter if your retail establishment is within our delivery radius, another part of Michigan, or in another state across the USA, shipping rate is flat-rate $5 for retailers. We normally use USPS to ship, but because of the ongoing Covid coronavirus pandemic, we currently use our back-up shipping carrier UPS to ship wholesale orders. Turnaround time for shipped wholesale orders is 3-14 days after you order. You'll receive a tracking number once your order has been shipped. 


If you have a brick and mortar establishment, we'll add your address to the list of retailers section of our website. If you have an e-commerce site, your website will be listed on our list of retailers section as well. We ask that you share to your followers on social media that our donuts will be carried at your establishment or website and promote us as well. We'll do the same by telling our customers on the email newsletter and on social media. 

Contact US Form (wholesale customers!)

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